BONEO HR Solutions is a 100% black female owned and black empowered HUMAN RESOURCES Consulting Company. BONEO encompasses advisory and implementation activities related to the management of an organisation’s human capital and the HR function. We provide support to serve our Clients’ Human Resources needs, partner with them and ensure that we meet their HR requirements with our exclusive and professional services.

BONEO HR Solutions prides itself as a company that is focused on people’s career growth, thereby ensuring that the right talent is placed at the right working environment where people’s skills will be well-utilised.  We also ensure that we find the right calibre of candidates who will be great assets for our Clients for the future growth of the business.

Our aim is to provide the highest levels of service and reliability. Our commitment to our Clients is to always be professional and meet our Clients’ requirements promptly and satisfactorily with quality and efficiency at all times.

BONEO HR Solutions is committed to building a long business relationship with its valued Clients. We go an extra mile to prepare and guide our candidates thoroughly for the positions they will be interviewed for and we also provide our Clients with honest information about the candidates they will be interviewing. We are task orientated, professional and we believe in integrity and excellence of service at all times.

Our effectiveness services include:

HR Process review
HR Strategy
Policy and procedures
HR processes and systems

BoNeo HR Solution


  • To identify the Client’s needs and custom build our services
  • To ensure cost-effective and quality proven deliverables
  • To form long and lasting relationship with our Clients
  • To assist our Clients with strategically integrating effective HR processes, programs and practices into their daily operations
  • To perform needs assessments and make recommendations/proposals, coordinate the creation and implementation of an action or corrective plan.
  • To create a service-based company whose primary goal is to exceed the customer’s expectations.
  • To assist Clients in developing a learning culture within their respective organisations, thereby complying with mandatory legislation and industry regulators – this is vital for organisation’s survival and reputation.


Our vision is to render excellent Consulting and Human Resources business consulting service to all new small and medium size businesses. We want to build and sustain a company that Clients want to do business with.


Our mission is to be a trusted preferred Service Provider and business Partner, to always be professional and ethical in all our business dealings and add value to our Clients.


  • Respect – We listen and respond to the needs of our clients.
  • Agility – Prompt, effective response displaying a sense of urgency and flexibility.
  • Quality – Quality is integral to everything we do. We understand how quality translates into results for our Clients, their people and their business. We take on a new project when we know we can deliver it and deliver it to the highest standard – We deliver on our commitments.
  • Passion – Knowledgeable, experienced, enthusiastic and dedicated to making a positive difference to our Clients.
  • Integrity – We operate with honesty and integrity, working in the best interest of our Clients and delivering good and professional value.
  • Knowledge sharing – We operate flexibly to ensure our clients get best value from our services. Knowledge sharing is a core element in all our projects – increasing value and sustainability.

How we assist our clients

Our clients benefit in several ways from many years of HR experience, expertise and best practices that BONEO HR Solutions brings to the table. We add value by assisting clients:

reduce costs through our reputable and reliable services
save time by lessening the administrative burden
ensure compliance by adhering to industry-leading protocol and legislative requirements (minimizing risk to clients)
optimize their workforce, increase productivity by reducing absenteeism and promoting employee wellness & engagement
help improve performance, morale and explore human potential
attract, assess, hire, motivate, develop and retain talent
foster an innovative and responsive working environment

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